Anonymous sent:
Where did you learn to play the piano?

At my house growing up. Coming from a musical household, I was taught at a young age, I don’t even remember how old. 

Anonymous sent:
What if you're the only one who thinks you're cool?

other people don’t matter. And if you are the only person that thinks you are kool, you are kool in my book too. 

Anonymous sent:
What's so cool about being cool?

simple, just feel good about yourself. It’s an self-esteem thing.  kool is more how others see you not how you see your self. So when people think you are kool you just feel good about yourself.

miku-hatsune-cx sent:
Hi. Thats all I have to say.

well hey. 

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theawesomegummyninja sent:
Any advice for a person with low self-esteem?

Never put yourself in place you know you can’t handle don’t feel comfortable. just take all the baby steps to build your self-esteem or the baby steps to be more confident about your self. there no rush to do anything. take your time. Because you need to feel good about yourself. It all about you. And if you feel good and comfortable about yourself your esteem should go up. 

Anonymous sent:
Soul, what do you do when Maka is afraid?

I get a blanket and just hold her till she clams down. 

dreams-of-vespa26 sent:
Soul would you marry your meister?

Maybe, I do like her. but marriage it just… i don’t know

love-4-much sent:
Oh,and tell Crona I said hi!

alright i’ll tell him

love-4-much sent:
Hi!Your pretty cool,but not as cool as me!So you should check your coolness meter.

It wasn’t ever a competition of who is the koolest. It always being a kind of person I would like, to be. so as long as my kool for myself that is good enough for me. But thanks I appreciate you thinking I am kool. So I will take your word that you are kooler than me.